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Brendon Smith at Invicro Boston

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⚙️ Unified environment variable and settings management for FastAPI and beyond 🚀. With an async, multi-cloud object storage client.

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🚢 Docker images to power your Python APIs and help you ship faster. With support for Uvicorn, Gunicorn, Starlette, and FastAPI.

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Computer setup

My dotfiles repo contains my computer setup and settings. I use this repo to set up and automate my development environment.

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Web app by Udacity scholarship students. Integrates MBTA and Google Maps APIs for public transit wheelchair accessibility info.

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R guide

A quick reference guide and sample code for statistical programming in R. Built with R Markdown notebooks.

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R proteomics

Molecular biology experiments, mass spectrometry-based proteomics, and reproducible data analysis in R.

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